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Bulletproof vest RUSLAN-M - Средства индивидуальной бронезащиты

Bulletproof vest RUSLAN-M

Modular bulletproof vest:
- designed for maximum body protection from bullets and fragments
- provides an opportunity to integrate protection 
- depending on the task the soldier can put protective elements together by himself
- basic configuration provides protection according to Br1 and C2 classes of protection with V50 = 550 mps 
- compliant with any armor plates of Br2-Br5 protection classes
- basic confirguration weight is 5.9 kg
- protective elements are easily attached and removed
- the vest is equipped with advanced MOLLE system

Besides the main elements for chest and back protection the vest can be equipped with additional removable elements:

- collar
- belt
- shoulder pads
- thigh pads
- knee-caps
- protective screens


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