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Personal armor - Средства индивидуальной бронезащиты

Personal armor

Due to the developed technologies of ballistic materials production on the basis of high strength aramid yarns Ruslan®, Artec® and AuTx® new packs are created.
They are able to stop the blow of bullet of most pistols and revolvers produced in the world.
There are achieved aims on the decrease of mass and increase of flexibility of armoured packs at the simultaneous improvement of bullet- and fragment- proofness, what says about the undoubted increase of ballistic protection.


Bulletproof vest RUSLAN-KV
This model is designed for the commanding personnel of Armed Forces of Russian Federation and for the special units and reconnaissance
Bulletproof vest RUSLAN-M
Configurable protective armor system
Integrated Protective System
Unique integrated clothes system on the base of aramid fibers and fabrics
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