KV Max+ 130

JSC KAMENSKVOLOKNO produces new KV MAX+ 130 twine with linear density of 7700 tex since 2012.

This type of twine is designed for use with new imported baling machines. This strong and elastic yarn is very suitable for packaging of heavy hay/straw bales with pressed density of 40-70%. Due to the excellent properties the new twine doesn't damage the knotters and other mountings and fittings on baling machine. This helps to reduce wear of the details and extend their service life.

High strength of the KV MAX 130+ matches the strength of the famous twine brands, which are used on imported baling machines with pressed density up to 800 kg. This type of twine also suits for packing wet hay.



Technical data
Parameter Value
1. Linear density, tex 7700
2. Linear density deviation, % ± 4
3. Breaking load, N (kgf)no less than 3500 (356.8)
4. Knot strength, kgf, no less than 230
5. Bobbin weight, kg 10