Aramid yarns RUSLAN®-VM 58.8 tex are used in the production of composite materials, which are very strong (five times stronger than steel at equal weight) and possess such properties as chemical stability and excellent electrical insulation. This kind of composite materials can be used in aircraft and rocket/missile engineering, in the manufacture of high-pressure vessels.


Technical data

Parameter Value
1. Relative deviation of actual linear density from nominal linear density, % ± 3.0
2. Breaking load, kgf (N), no less than 12.0 (117.7)
3. Elongation at break, %, no more than 3.5
4. Twists per 1 m 50 ± 10
5. Breaking tensile stress of filament in microplastic, MPA (kgf/mm2), no less than 4412 (450)
6. Modulus of elasticity in tension, GPa (kgf/mm2), no less than 137 (14000)