RUSLAN, technical twisted yarn

Aramid is very suitable for high-pressure hose reinforcement. The yarns give the finished product high strength and resistance to bending, significantly lower the weight, reduce bending radius and increase operation pressure in comparison with metal hoses. 

High-pressure hoses must meet various and strict requirements: 

  • high strength and durability with minimal weight
  • flexibility, resistance to vibrations, wear and bending
  • wide range of operation temperatures, high resistance to heat, light and atmospheric factors
  • dimensional stability and relatively smooth surface
  • resistance to pumped fluids and no effect on their quality

Aramid yarns in heavy duty conveyer belts make them lighter, which leads to lowered energy consumption. The yarns also help to reduce the stretching and improve fire-resistance of the finished product in comparison with steel cord belts. 

Reinforcement of driving belts with RUSLAN® yarns gives the finished product high tensile strength, low relative elongation and excellent capability to absorb vibrations.



Technical data

Aramid technical twisted yarn RUSLAN® 58.8 tex (2 and 3-ply)
1. Amount of plies  2 3
2. Nominal linear density, tex 120 180
3. Breaking load, N, no less than 230 230
4. Elongation at break, %, no more than 4.5 4.5
5. Modulus of elasticity in tension, Gpa, no less than 100 100
6. Amount of twists per 1 m, tw/m 100±10(Z) 50±10(S)
7. Mass fraction of finishing oil А-1, % 0.8 - 1.5 0.8 - 1.5