Roving RUSLAN-VM-600

Roving RUSLAN-VM-600 is used in the production of reinforced composite materials, providing thermal stability and splinterless destruction.  

The roving has the following unique features:

  • high level of strength performance realization
  • corrosion resistance 
  • ability to work in wide range of temperatures without loss of strength
  • high adhesive strength with bonding agent allows to produce light and strong composite materials, which can replace metal and can be used in construction of modern aircraft samples 



Technical data

Roving RUSLAN-VM-600 I II
Twisted Non-twisted Twisted Non-twisted
1. Breaking load,N, kgf, no less than 1274.0 (130.0) 1176.0 (120.0) 1324.0(135.0) 1225.0(125.0)
2. Breaking tensile stress of the filament in microplastic, MPa (kgf/mm2), no less than  4414 (450) 4660 (475)
3. Modulus of elasticity, GPa, GPa (kgf/mm2), no less than 137 (14000) 137 (14000)
4. Amount of twists per 1 m, tw/m 50+10 up to 20 50+10 up to 20
5. Breaking tensile stress of the roving in microplastic, kgf/mm2, no less than 340 360