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KV110PM - Ткани из арамидных нитей


Areal density — 110 g/m².

Finishing options: finished, scoured, impregnated, laminated.

Reduced-weight fabric made from special fibers AuTx®, which consist of many superfine filaments. This fabric provides the bulletproof vest with the excellent fragment and knife resistance. KV110PM is ideally suitable for the upper part of the tactical vests. It is also possible to apply camouflage pattern to the fabric.

Fabric characteristics Physical and mechanical properties
Type of weave Type of yarn, warp/weft, tex Areal density, g/m2 Picks per 10 cm Strip size, mm Breaking load, N, no less than
warp weft warp weft
Plain 58.8 AuTx/ 58.8 AuTx 110 90 90 25x100 2352 2352


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