Bulletproof vest RUSLAN-KV

Bulletproof vest RUSLAN-KV is a combat single-purpose vest, which combines improved capabilities of individual adjustment in a wide range of sizes due to necessity of wearing it over the summer/winter apparel. Advanced MOLLE system allows to place many elements of equipment and battle gear. The vest can be fitted with different armor plates and reinforced to a required level of protection. 


  • The development of the vests is based on the technology of total product life cycle: starting with the production of polymers, followed by manufacture of yarns, fabrics and vests, and ending with guaranteed utilization of the used products. 
  • Innovative soft ballistic structures made from new woven and stabilized materials on the basis of proprietary technology.
  • Severity of behind armor contusion trauma is no higher than 2 level.



Technical data
Model Weight*, kg Protection area, dm2, no less than

Fragment resistance of the vest protective structure, (V50),
m/s, no less than

Level of protection
according to
GOST R50744
(w/o the armor panels)
Total, anti-fragment Armor panel, breast Armor panel, back
RUSLAN-KV ULTRALIGHT 2.4 49 7.5 7.5 430 Br1
RUSLAN-KV LIGHT 2.9 49 7.5 7.5 490 Br1
RUSLAN-KV STANDARD 3.5 49 7.5 7.5 520 Br1
RUSLAN-KV MEDIUM 4.0 49 7.5 7.5 550 Br1
RUSLAN-KV GRAND 4.6 49 7.5 7.5 570 Br1

*The weight of the vest with the armor panels can vary depending on the material of the panels