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Bulletproof vest RUSLAN-KV

Bulletproof vest RUSLAN-KV is a combat single-purpose vest, which combines improved capabilities of individual adjustment in a wide range of sizes due to necessity of wearing it over the summer/winter apparel. Advanced MOLLE system allows to place many elements of equipment and battle gear. The vest can be fitted with different armor plates and reinforced to a required level of protection. 



KV MAX 140

JSC KAMENSKVOLOKNO produces new twine KV MAX 140 with linear density of 7000 tex since 2012. 

This type of twine is designed for use with new imported baling machines. This strong and elastic yarn is very suitable for packaging of hay/straw bales with mass up to 300 kg. 

Due to the excellent properties the new twine doesn't damage the knotters and other mountings and fittings on baling machine. This helps to reduce wear of the details and extend their service life.


RUSLAN, technical twisted yarn

Aramid is very suitable for high-pressure hose reinforcement. The yarns give the finished product high strength and resistance to bending, significantly lower the weight, reduce bending radius and increase operation pressure in comparison with metal hoses. 

High-pressure hoses must meet various and strict requirements: 



Neutral aramid yarns RUSLAN-SVM-N with linear density of 14.3, 29.4 and 58.8 tex are used in the manufacture of:

  • special purpose tapes
  • parachute ropes
  • parachute and sail fabrics

The yarns give these materials new properties, which make finished products lighter, stronger and more flexible.



This type of yarn is used in the manufacture of special purpose technical fabrics for body armor. 

Ballistic fabrics on the base of these yarns make it possible to create new protective garments and helmets for law enforcement and security agencies. 

Aramid yarns RUSLAN are used in the production of composite materials with high-performance properties.

The applications of aramid-reinforced plastics are determined by their mechanical and thermal properties. Such products are very effective in the areas, where high mechanical properties are needed:



This type of yarn is used in the production of special purpose fabrics, from which body armor is made.

Ballistic fabrics based on this yarn make it possible to create new protective garments and helmets for law enforcement and security agencies. 

Aramid fibers help to significantly lower the weight of the finished product, enhance resistance to impacts and injuries. 



AuTx fiber was developed during collaborative research works of JSC KAMENSKVOLOKNO and ALCHEMY TECHNOLOGY.

Ballistic materials based on AuTx yarns are the best materials for protective systems production, where the light weight and excellent properties are necessary.



Heat-resistant sewing thread

High-strength heat-resistant sewing threads exhibit low stretchability and have the same strength as the most strong materials both in normal conditions and under the influence of high temperatures, aggressive substances, open fire, repeatable mechanical influence and other. 
Because of the double twisting and treatment with organosilicon compounds the threads exhibit increased resistance to the needle abrasive action and to the repeated folding during sewing process.  


В странах Европы продукты от Каменскволокно представлены под маркой K Pack компанией Aventel France.