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Aramid yarns RUSLAN®-VM 58.8 tex are used in the production of composite materials, which are very strong (five times stronger than steel at equal weight) and possess such properties as chemical stability and excellent electrical insulation. This kind of composite materials can be used in aircraft and rocket/missile engineering, in the manufacture of high-pressure vessels.


Bulletproof vest RUSLAN-M

Modular bulletproof vest:
- designed for maximum body protection from bullets and fragments
- provides an opportunity to integrate protection 
- depending on the task the soldier can put protective elements together by himself
- basic configuration provides protection according to Br1 and C2 classes of protection with V50 = 550 mps 
- compliant with any armor plates of Br2-Br5 protection classes
- basic confirguration weight is 5.9 kg
- protective elements are easily attached and removed
- the vest is equipped with advanced MOLLE system