Our history

JSC KAMENSKVOLOKNO has been in business for more than 65 years. Follow our timeline to find out more about our history:


The first batch of viscose fiber, made in plant conditions, is produced on September 6th. The next day, September 7th, State Committee accepts the first stage of the new plant into service. This is the Birthday of our company!


November 6th, 1950, is an important date in our history: the biggest operating department of the plant - the Spinning Department - manufactures its first products. The same year the world's first viscose apparatus VA are successfully tested and mastered by Soviet scientists and engineers. This machinery is revolutionary for the man-made fiber production technology. 


The development of the plant is very intensive. A department for manufacturing fast moving consumer goods from production waste is opened. Its first products are viscose throw rug and floor mat. 


Production of the viscose technical yarn (twine) for balers is mastered in Kamensk Union for the first time in USSR.  


The 30th anniversary of KAMENSKVOLOKNO is marked with creation of unique technology - production of new, special purpose fibers - high modulus synthetic yarn, called SVM. This new facility is supposed to satisfy the needs of defense industry for reinforcement fibers used in production of composite materials. 


A new chapter in company's life. The plant is being modernized and restructured for a different manufacturing line - production of polypropylene technical tape yarn (twine) for automatic bale binding during hay and straw pressing. New technologies are being developed, new types of products are being designed, plant capacity is being expanded, production quality is improved, the range of goods is widened. 


This is a significant year for our company. The synthetic yarn production is launched. Within the shortest time the volume of polypropylene twine production reaches 22 thousand tons per year. 90% of all products are sold with State Quality Mark of USSR!


Kamensk plant of synthetic yarn is re-named as PA HIMVOLOKNO. 


The fourth stage of the plant becomes operational. It produces polypropylene tape yarns for hay baler twine.


This year is a critical time for the economy not only of our plant, but of the whole country. Commercializing, severance of economic ties, increased commodity and energy resources prices, lack of sales - all this and many more things are a pressure test for the whole company. But despite the hardships of Perestroika we are struggling to survive. 


On November 30th PA HIMVOLOKNO is transformed into open joint-stock company (OJSC) KAMENSKHIMVOLOKNO.


On April 8th OJSC KAMENSKHIMVOLOKNO is re-named as public joint-stock company (PJSC) KAMENSKHIMVOLOKNO.


The general crisis of country's economy greatly hinders the work of the company, but the administration and staff members try their hardest to stabilize the situation. At this particular time the production of new generation high modulus yarns ARMOS and RUSAR was set up on an industrial scale. Also the company continues to specialize in the manufacture of polypropylene products. A wide range of technical and textile purpose polypropylene tape yarns is being produced. Polypropylene bailing tape is put into production. Nevertheless, the utilization of production capacities in 1998 is less than 10%. 


On January 26th on the base of the property of JSC KAMENSKHIMVOLOKNO and additional founders' contributions JSC KAMENSKVOLOKNO is established. This is the beginning of the company's revival, leaded by Vladimir Lakunin. For the first time in a long period the company becomes profitable! The excellent work of the staff allowed company to become a winner of the prestigious competition 100 Best Russian Products at the end of 2000. Following the results of the competition JSC KAMENSKVOLOKNO received silver certificates for technical aramid yarns and polypropylene bags. 


Period of a noticeable rise in company's life. New equipment for bag production on the base of new imported equipment is put into commission, new boiler house is being built. New polypropylene products are being manufactured: technical tape yarns (twine) for haypressing and other purposes, geotextiles for road construction, baling tape, membrane material for power industry, half-masks for respiratory protection, plastic products and more. Aramid fibers, produced by KAMENSKVOLOKNO, are used in composite materials for aerospace and nuclear industries, in the production of fabrics for bulletproof vests and firefighters' protective clothing, as a supporting component in cables and in other applications. The company is working towards developing and manufacturing rival products on the base of new equipment and technology with due regard to supporting regional needs of agricultural sector, building and chemical industry.  


On August 4th a unique equipment for producing polypropylene carpet yarns with capacity of 2500 tons per year is put into operation. 


Following the results of the 4th International trade show Newest Technologies and Developments in Protected Ground the company received a gold medal. 


KAMENSKVOLOKNO received QMS Certificate of Conformity with the ISO 9001-2000 standard in the field of development, production and commercialization of synthetic fibers and yarns. Following the results of the Regional Administration competition The Best Exporter of Don Region the company is honored with a diploma "For a significant contribution to Rostov Region export capacity expansion and competitive recovery of the products in foreign markets". Polypropylene and carpet yarns receive Honorary diploma "The Best Products of Don Region" and Badge of Honor "Excellent Quality" as part of the All-Russian program "100 of The Best Russian Products". 


High-performance manufacturing line producing high-strength polyolefine tape yarns (twine) for haypressing is put into work. There are two main brands of products: KV Max 140 (7000 tex) and КV Flex 500 (2000 tex).


It's been 65 years since the first yarn was produced. The aramid yarns facility celebrates its 35th anniversary and the polypropylene facility celebrates its 30th anniversary. 

The Development Strategy of JSC KAMENSKVOLOKNO for 2013-2015 is validated. 

The company received a Certificate of Conformity of the products and of the production system with the environmental standard ISO 14001.  

As per decision of Regional Trilateral Regulatory Commission of social-labor relations JSC KAMENSKVOLOKNO came first in the regional stage of the "Russian Organization of high social performance" competition in the following nominations:

  • Development of human resources in organizations of production industry;
  • Development of social partnership in organizations of production industry;
  • Reduction of industrial injuries and occupational illnesses in organizations of production industry;
  • Formation of healthy lifestyle in organizations of production industry; 
  • Participation in the solving of territories' social problems and development of corporate charity. 

The company is nominated to participate in the competition of federal level "Russian Organization of High Social Efficiency" in two nominations, namely "Development of human resources in organizations of production industry" and "Reduction of industrial injuries and occupational illnesses in organizations of production industry".


New production line for manufacturing polypropylene cartridge filter elements for water and process solutions purifying is put into work. 

Production of twine brands KV Max +130 (7700 tex) and KV Optim 600 (1700 tex) is organized.


The third stage of chemical department small flow is put into operation. 

The company obtains a lifetime manufacturing license and is allowed to produce special purpose protective clothes.  

The production of bulletproof vests Ruslan is began. 

New equipment for producing ropes and sewing threads is put into commission.


The company acquired and put into commission BARMAG equipment line for producing polyolefine high-strength twine with linear density of 500-2000 tex.